The Fifth International Workshop on the Dual Nature of f-Electrons

May 28 (Wed) - 31 (Sat), 2014, Suwon, Korea

Time May 28 (Wed.) May 29 (Thu.) May 30 (Fri.) May 31 (Sat.)
08:30-17:30 Registration Registration
09:00-09:40 Y. Onuki S. Shin D. Aoki
09:40-10:10 A. Servering G. Zwicknagl P. Oppeneer
10:10-10:40 Y. Yang J. Denlinger E. Colineau
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-11:30 T. Durakiewicz S. Kambe G. Zhang
11:30-12:00 Y. Haga J. Shim J. Kang
12:00-12:30 P. Risebrough X. Lu Closing
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Tutorial
S. Fujimori G. Knebel Excursion
14:30-15:00 J. Zhu T. Klimczuk
15:00-15:20 H. Lee (O) S. Seo (O)
15:20-15:40 Break
15:40-16:10 L. H. Tjeng Poster Session
16:10-16:40 K. Ueda
16:40-17:10 H. J. Choi
17:10-17:30 V. Ivanshin (O)
17:30-17:50 D. Alexandro (O)
17:50-20:00 Welcome Reception Banquet
  • Plenaries (40 mins) / Invited (30 mins) / Oral (20 mins) / Tutorial (100 mins)
  • Tutorial will be given on the 7th Floor of Samsung Library at SKKU.
  • Workshop will take place at LIG Ingenium Building located at the Centre of Suwon.
  • Tutorial Session

       May 28 (Wed.)
    14:00-16:00 Introduction to Heavy Fermion (by Dr. Joe D. Thompson, LANL, USA)
    16:00-18:00 F-electron Photoemission (by Dr. T. Durakiewicz, LANL, USA)
    Oral Session

       May 29 (Thu.)
    09:00-09:10 Opening Remark
    09:10-09:40 Fermi surface properties in f-electron compounds
           Yoshichika Onuki (University of the Ryukyus, Japan)
    09:40-10:10 Using x-rays for determining ground state symmetries in heavy fermion compounds
           Andrea Severing (University of Cologne, Germany)
    10:10-10:40 The dual nature of f-electrons: its origin and implication on superconductivity and quantum criticality
           Yi-feng Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
    10:40-11:00 Break
    11:00-11:30 Ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopies of f-electron materials
           Tomasz Durakiewicz (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
    11:30-12:00 Fermi Surfaces of ThRu2Si2 : Comparison to CeRu2Si2 and URu2Si2
           Yoshinori Haga (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)
    12:00-12:30 Nesting and Hidden Order in URu2Si2
           Peter S. Riseborough (Temple University, USA)
    12:30-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-14:30 ARPES study of UGa3 and UAl3: itinerant and localized natures of 5f electrons
           Shin-ichi Fujimori (Spring-8, Japan)
    14:30-15:00 Electronic Correlation Effects in Plutonium Metals
           Jianxin Zhu (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
    15:00-15:20 Kondo screening near the Mott transition and the signatures of Nozieres' exhaustion
           Hyun-Jung Lee (KIAS, Korea)
    15:20-15:40 Break
    15:40-16:10 Hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy on in-situ cleaved and ex-situ polished SmB6 samples; bulk vs. surface electronic structure
           Liu Hao Tjeng (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Germany)
    16:10-16:40 Continuous Metal-Insulator Transition in a Two Dimensional Hubbard Model
           Kazuo Ueda (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    16:40-17:10 Electronic and magnetic properties of iron-based superconductors
           Hyoung Joon Choi (Yonsei University, Korea)
    17:10-17:30 Dual Nature of 3d Electrons in YbT2Zn20 (T=Co; Fe) As Seen by Electron Spin Resonance
           Vladimir Ivanshin (Kazan Federal University, Russia)
    17:30-17:50 Heavy Electrons And Holes In Disordered Semiconductors
           Dimiter Alexandrov (Lakehead University, Canada)
       May 30 (Fri.)
    09:00-09:40 Ultrahigh-resolution and timeresolved photoemission study on 4f materials
           Shik Shin (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    09:40-10:10 Quantum critical metal YbRh2Si2: High magnetic fields and elevated temperatures
           Gertrud Zwicknagl (TU Braunschweig, Germany)
    10:10-10:40 Polarization-dependent 4f sub-band structure of SmB6
           Jonathan Denlinger (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
    10:40-11:00 Break
    11:00-11:30 Dual nature of different time scales in YbRh2Si2 and CeCoIn5
           Shinsaku Kambe (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)
    11:30-12:00 Competition between crystalline electric field and hybridization strength in YbRh2Si2 under pressure
           Ji Hoon Shim (POSTECH, Korea)
    12:00-12:30 Cd doping in critical superconductors CeCoIn5 and CeIrIn5
            Xin Lu (Zhejiang University, China)
    12:30-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-14:30 Itinerant metamagnetism in UCoAl
           Georg Knebel (CEA, France)
    14:30-15:00 Crystal structure and superconductivity in the cage compounds RV2Al20
           Tomasz Klimczuk (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)
    15:00-15:20 Doping effects in the quantum critical superconductor CeCoIn5
           Soonbeom Seo (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    15:30-18:00 Poster Session
    18:00-20:00 Banquet
       May 31 (Sat.)
    09:00-09:40 Fermi surface instabilities and ferromagnetic superconductivity in uranium compounds
           Dai Aoki (Tohoku University, Japan)
    09:40-10:10 Ising anisotropy of quasiparticles in URu2Si2: A signature of localized 5f states?
           Peter Oppeneer (Uppsala University, Sweden)
    10:10-10:40 5f systems beyond uranium
           Eric Colineau (JRC-KARLSRUHE, Germany)
    10:40-11:00 Break
    11:00-11:30 Intertwinning of magnetism and Kondo screening effect in the Kondo lattice materials
           Guang-Ming Zhang (Tsinghua University, China)
    11:30-12:00 ARPES Study of the RTe2 (R=Ce, Pr) Charge Density Wave System
           Jeongsoo Kang (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)
    12:00-12:10 Summary & Closing
    12:30-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-18:00 Excursion
    Poster Session

       May 30 (Fri.)
    Poster 01 Synthesis of the intermetallic compound LaxCe1-xIn3 via indium flux method
           Incheol Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 02 Anomalous Spin dynamics of 4f-localized ferromagnet CeRu2X2B (X=Al, Ga)
           WonJun Lee (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
    Poster 03 Asymmetry of electron and hole doping in CeCoIn5
           Hongchul Choi (POSTECH, Korea)
    Poster 04 A first-principles study of heavy-fermion compound antiferromagnet CeTSb2 (T = Au, Cu)
           JaeKyung Jang (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 05 Crossover from a Mixed Valence State to Heavy Fermion Behavior in Yb2Ni12(P,As)7
           Wenbing Jiang (Zhejiang university, China)
    Poster 06 Phonon-assisted optical excitation in Mott insulator Sr3Ir2O7
           H. J. Park (Seoul National University, Korea)
    Poster 07 Effects of Ruthenium doping on electronic transport properties in Jeff =1/2 Mott insulator Sr2IrO4
           Yun-Jeong Hong (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
    Poster 08 Interplay Among Magnetism, Spin-Orbit Coupling, and Correlation in Cubic Perovskite BaOsO3
           Myung-Chul Jung (Korea University, Korea)
    Poster 09 First-Principles Studies on Interplay of Spin-Orbit Interaction and Correlation Effects in eg1 KOsO4
           Young-Joon Song (Korea University, Korea)
    Poster 10 Pressure effects on the charge density wave (CDW) and superconducting orders in CuxTiSe2
           Sangyun Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 11 Synthesis and Pressure Effects on the La doped CaFe2As2
           Soohyeon Shin (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 12 Scaling Behavior of Pinning Potential in Potassium-doped BaFe2As2 Thin Films
           Hyeong Jun Lim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 13 Thermal annealing effects in the Co-doped Pnictide Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2
           Dongwon Shin (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 14 Model dependent analysis of optical conductivity of Ni-doped Ba-122
           Seokbae Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 15 Optical Properties and Analysis of NbCl5, ZnMg Intercalated Graphite
           Eilho Jung (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 16 Optical Properties of Excitonic Insulator Ta2NiSe5
           Yu-Seong Seo (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 17 Investigation of Temperature-dependent Fermi Surface in Heavy Fermion Compound Ce2IrIn8 with DFT+DMFT & Crystalline Electric Field Splitting basis
           Jae Nyeong Kim (POSTECH, Korea)
    Poster 18 Fate of Kondo state and Fermi surface of periodic Anderson model studied by DMFT with CTQMC impurity solvers
           Hanhim Kang (POSTECH, Korea)
    Poster 19 Pressure Effects on the Upper Critical Field of the FeSe Single Crystal
           Ji-Hoon Kang (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 20 Effect of oxygen vacancies in homoepitaxial thin film growth
           Hoidong Jeong (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 21 Obtaining atomically flat surface of polycrystalline SrTiO3
           Sungmin Woo (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 22 Pressure effects on the antiferromagnetic ordering in honeycomb lattice Li2Mn1-xTixO3
           Prathiba Gunasekaran (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 23 Bond alternation-tuned magnetic phases in the breathing pyrochlore lattice LiACr4O8 (A=Ga, In)
           Seung-hwan Do (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
    Poster 24 Observation of Dimensional Crossover and Quasi-1D State in LaNiO3 Ultrathin Film by using in situ ARPES
           Soobin Sinn (Seoul National University, Korea)
    Poster 25 Dual Nature in the Optical Response of an Anisotropic Dirac Material SrMnBi2
           Hyeong-Do Kim (Institute for Basic Science, Korea)
    Poster 26 Critical Current and Flux Pinning Mechanism in FeSe Single Crystals
           Soon-Gil Jung (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    Poster 27 Dynamical mean field studies on magnetism in (La0.2Sr0.8)2RhO4
           Kyo-hoon Ahn (Korea University, Korea)
    Poster 28 Synthesis and Physical properties of La doped CaFe2As2
           Harim Jang (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
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