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응집, 통계 및 음향물리

Superconductivity & Thin Fim Lab Link

Prof. Won Nam KANG

Research Interests

MgB2 and Iron-based superconducting thin films
Vortex dynamics in superconductors
2G MgB2 superconducting wire
New superconducting materials

Research Equipments & Tools

Pulsed Laser Deposition System
Hybrid Phisical Chemical Vapor Deposition System
X-ray diffractometerstem
Magnetic Property Measurement System

Statistical Physics Lab.Link

Prof. Beom Jun KIM

Research Interests

Critical phenomena in complex systems
Physics based study of society and economics
Dynamics of complex networks
Traffic flow and game theory

Research Methods

Computer simulation methods
Various analytic methods
(mean-field approximation, master equations)

Extreme Physical Science Lab. Link

Prof. Tuson PARK

Research Interests

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Quantum Critical Phenomena
Emergent Quantum Phases near T = 0 K

Research Equipment & Tools

1 K He4 Pumping System
Closed Cycle Refrigerator (CCR)
Carver Press, Be/Cu Hybrid Cell, Diamond Anvil Cell

Semiconductor and Nano Application Lab. Link

Prof. Donggeun JUNG

Research Interests

Low dielectric constant materials
OLED, OSC, oxide-TFT

Research Equipment & Tools

Inductive coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
Atomic layer chemical vapor deposition (ALCVD)
Thermal evaporation
RF/DC magnetron sputtering

Epitaxial Complex Oxide Lab. Link

Prof. Woo Seok CHOI

Research Interests

Complex transition metal oxide thin films and heterostructures
Novel energy conversion and storage mechanisms
Emergent phenomena of strongly correlated systems
Coupling between lattice, charge, spin, and orbital

Research Equipment & Tools

Excimer Laser
Pulsed Laser Deposition Chamber

Condensed Matter Theory Lab. Link

Prof. Han-Yong CHOI

Research Interests

D-wave pairing mechanism of high temperature superconductivity
Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism

Research Methods

Eliashberg theory
Green’s function method
Numerical computations
Analysis of ARPES (angle resolved photo-emission spectroscop

Manybody Physics GroupLink

Prof. Jung Hoon HAN

Research Interests

Strongly-Correlated System
Bose-Einstein Condensate System
Condensed Matter Physics
Magnetic Material
Topological Condensed Matter Syste

Research Methods

Discovery of Skyrmion in Condensed Matter Physics
Research on interplay between the rotation
and the Rashba interaction in Bose-Einstein Condensate System
Rashba effect on the metallic Surface
Generating Skyrmion using the Current

Infrared Spectroscopy of Advanced Materials Lab. Link

Prof. Jungseek HWANG

Research Interests

High Temperature Superconductivity & Strongly Correlated Systems
Low Dimensional Electronic Material Systems
Electrochemical p-conjugated Polymers
Electromagnetic & Optical Metamaterials

Research Equipments & Tools

Bruker Vertex 80v FTIR-type Spectrometer
Bruker Hyperion 2000 Microscopic IR Spectrometer
Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 Monochromatic Spectrometer
Low Temperature Measurement System
Spectral Range from FIR through UV

Solid state electronic structure calculation Lab. Link

Prof. Youngkuk KIM

Research Interests

Topological insulators/semimetals
Two-dimensional materials
Energy materials

Research Equipments & Tools

first-principles calculations

Topological Quantum Matter Lab. Link

Prof. KwangYoung CHOI

Research Interests

Quantum Magnetism
Topological Matter
Strongly correlated materials

Research Methods & Tools

Design and Synthesis of Quantum Materials
High Magnetic Field Experiments
Magnetic Resonances (ESR, NMR, μSR)
Raman and Neutron Scattering