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The research of my group is focused on the theory of high temperature superconductivity. A major topic is the pairing mechanism of the high Tc superconductivity. We have been working to determine the experimental constraints from high resolution ARPES data that any viable theory of high Tc superconductivity must satisfy. This will differentiate among many proposed ideas to settle the problem down. Other topics of my group are variations on the theme of high Tc superconductivity pairing interaction


  • 1989 June PhD University of Pennsylvania
  • 1984 Feb MSc Seoul National University
  • 1982 Feb BSc Seoul National University


  • Research Associate, University of Rochester & Xerox Webster Research Center, USA (1989~1992)
  • Visiting Professor, University of California (2006.9~2006.12)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Paris (1999.2~1999.8)
  • Executive Director, Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (2014~present)
  • Professor, Department of Physics, SKKU (1992~present)

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