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Applied Semiconductor Devices for Nanophysics Lab.Link

Prof. Dae Joon KANG

Research Interests

2-D Layered materials synthesis and physics
1-D Nanowires based electrical devices
Novel nanostructure assembly and pattern transfer
Transition metal oxide based thermoelectric materi

Research Equipments & Tools

In-house clean room facilities, Probe Station, Magnetometer,
Closed Cycled Refrigerator, low temperature electrical transport
measurement system, gas sensing measurement system.
Thermal CVDs, g ove box, high temperature furnace, autoclaves,
hydrothermal synthesis setup, AAO template based synthesis setu

Applied DNA NanoEngineering Lab. Link

Prof. Sung Ha PARK

Research Interests

Structural DNA Nanotechnology
DNA Machine and Replicator
DNA Algorithm and DNA Computer
DNA Device and DNA Sensor

Research Equipment & Tools

Atomic Force Microscopy
Transmission electron microscopy
Raman spectroscopy

Semiconductor and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Link

Prof. JoungReal AHN

Research Interests

Two-Dimensional Quantum Materials (Graphene, h-BN, MoS2)

Electronic Structures of Quantum Materials (Dirac electrons, Wely semimetal, Topological Insulator) 

Semiconductor Materials (Silicon, Silicon Carbide)
Nano Scale Semiconductor Device (Field Emission Transistor, Process in Memory)
Artificial Intelligence (Neuromorphic Device, AI Algorithm, Neuron Cell Culture) 

Research Equipments & Tools

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) chamber
Epitaxial Growth Chamber
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES)

Photolithography, Focused Ion Beam Lithography

Raman Spectroscopy 

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) 

Semiconductor Physics and Nano Device Lab. Link

Prof. SeungNam CHA

Research Interests

Functional nanomaterials/structures
Nano electronics and optoelectronics
Light-Matter interaction in nanomaterials/structures
Charge carrier dynamics in nanomaterials/structures

Research Equipments & Tools

Chemical vapor deposition system
Device parameter analyzer
Quantum efficiency/yield measurement system

Computation Biophysics Lab Link

Prof. Jejoong YOO

Research Interests

Computational Biophysics
Self-assembly of Proteins and DNA
Computer-aided Drug Discovery
Super-accuracy Force Field

Research Equipments & Tools

Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Supercomputer Programming
GPU-powered Visualization